Nike Project in Taiwan, China

In June, our designer DaXiong successfully completed a significant project for NIKE's stores in Taiwan. This project was one of the larger-scale ones in the Chinese market, with many designers competing for it, and we emerged as the ultimate winners. DaXiong approached this project from several aspects:

Firstly, he carefully selected chips that leaned towards pink and white tones, allowing the clothing and shoes to showcase their true colors effectively under the lighting.

Secondly, he utilized high-efficiency lighting fixtures, resulting in a total electricity consumption for the entire store that was only half of what other designers proposed.

Thirdly, he cleverly used compact lighting fixtures, maximizing the number of fixtures that could fit on each track, creating a more even and bright lighting effect throughout the store.

Lastly, DaXiong meticulously fine-tuned each lighting fixture, ensuring that all lights emitted efficient illumination without wasting any electricity.

These are the key features and innovations implemented in this project, demonstrating Da Xiong's professionalism and innovative thinking.

Year of completion: 2023


Lighting designer: DAXIONG

Architect: NIKE Shop

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