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Panterfly fashion Project in China

Panterfly Project in China

This is a new fashion store, where we use the EMMA series track lights with a golden ratio design. These lights seamlessly blend into the store and effectively attract customers, evoking their desire to make a purchase.

In addition, we have incorporated our latest model of recessed hotel down lights, the 75 trimless hotel lights. These lights provide a see light but no fitting effect, ensuring that the entire space is well-lit without the lights being visible. They also feature excellent anti-glare properties, creating a comfortable environment that encourages customers to stay longer.

By employing such professional lighting design and arrangement, we have created an irresistible allure for the store, attracting a greater number of customers and prompting their shopping desires.

Year of completion: 2022

Place: China

Lighting designer: Edwin

Architect: Panterfly Fashion

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