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Lotte Project in Korea

LOTTE Project in Korea

In the design of the Lotte mall, we focused on creating a comfortable and pleasant shopping environment, and lighting was one of the crucial elements. To achieve uniform light distribution throughout the mall, we chose to use the ACTION track light series.


The advantage of the ACTION series lighting fixtures lies in their compact size, yet they are capable of producing high wattage output. This means we could achieve an even distribution of lights throughout the entire mall, ensuring sufficient illumination in every corner and providing customers with a seamless, soft lighting experience.


Furthermore, we paid great attention to the optical quality in our choice of lighting fixtures. We selected imported brands for their optical systems, ensuring the quality and uniformity of the light. Whether customers are moving or stationary in the mall, they can enjoy pleasant lighting effects, whether in the shopping halls, product display areas, or corridors.


By adopting this design approach, we not only provide high-quality lighting effects but also significantly reduce energy consumption. The high efficiency and energy-saving technology of the ACTION series lighting fixtures allow the mall to operate in an environmentally friendly manner while providing bright illumination.


The overall design concept of the mall has received unanimous acclaim within the industry because it considers factors such as customer comfort, energy efficiency, and lighting effects holistically. No matter which corner of the mall customers visit, they can experience uniform and gentle lighting, enhancing the comfort and enjoyment of their shopping experience.

Year of completion: 2021

Place: Korea

Lighting designer: LOTTE Designer

Architect: LOTTE

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