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NIO Car showroom In shanghai

NIO Car showroom In shanghai

This is the exhibition hall of the NIO headquarters in Shanghai that we have recently constructed. The hall is divided into different zones, and the designer has utilized different lighting fixtures to cater to the specific requirements of each space.

For the automobile display area, we have employed versatile and adjustable magnetic lighting fixtures. These fixtures are discreetly concealed within the ceiling grooves, creating a "lights hidden" effect. With the ability to manipulate the lighting direction, the fixtures provide precise illumination control, effectively highlighting the showcased vehicles' distinctive features and making them more enticing to visitors.

In the children's play area, we have opted for hotel lighting fixtures to establish a comfortable environment, allowing children to fully enjoy their playtime. The selected fixtures are designed with great care, not only focusing on their functional lighting aspect but also creating a warm and friendly atmosphere while considering visual safety for children. Such a design ensures that children can play freely while benefiting from a secure and well-lit environment.

By carefully selecting and arranging these lighting fixtures, the exhibition hall strikes a balance between technological innovation and user experience, showcasing a professional and unique quality in terms of lighting effects and spatial ambiance.

Year of completion: 2022

Place: China

Lighting designer: Edwin

Architect: NIO

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